The Week

Ride Details

Taking place over Canadian Thanksgiving, Bici Gusti Gourmet Ride Italy is the ultimate culinary & cycling experience. The focus is on food and taking in the Italian vistas on your bike with good – and new – friends. All details are taken care for you, including full Covid safety measures in effect to protect you. Extensive support will include mechanical, static and mobile aid, and gourmet rest stops. We welcome and cater for all cycling levels, whether you’re a beginner or experienced enthusiast.

Arrival – Saturday October 7th, 2023

  • Make your way to the Hotel Belvedere in Riccione (easy train ride from Bologna or Florence)
  • Check-in while sipping Presecco
  • Fit your optional De Rosa bike for the week with our our dedicated De Rosa bike mechanic. Remember to bring pedals!

Cycling days – October 8th – 14th, 2023

Bici Gusti is indulgence; gourmet food with new friends (you connect on and off the bike). Each daily ride can be challenging or ‘piano piano’…whatever you choose (you will have 3 choices of which ride you are feeling that day). Each day is followed by post ride beverages poolside, lunch, and photo slide-show at the bar.  Evenings start with drinks followed by a gourmet dinner lovingly prepared by Chef Giancarlo.  Exclusively for our selected week, Thanksgiving and the world famous ‘season end gala’.  Not only is the weather perfect this time of year, but we profit from the exclusive dates that make the trip memourable.

Hotel Belvedere’s famous closing gala party – October 14th, 2023

This year we’ve upped the ante with an exclusive invitation for Bici Gusti guests to the season-highlight gala party at the hotel. Marina and her staff count this as the pinnacle celebration of the year, and we can guarantee you will end the week with an experience that you’ll never forget – Italian style!

Ride with best-in-class local guides

Dalia Muccioli

In my opinion, cycling is a simile of life itself because if you don’t put your whole self into it and you don’t believe in what you do then you’ll never achieve the best! Cycling gives you the chance to discover your limits, go beyond and overcome them, and only then at that moment, can you raise your arms to the sky and conquer that laboured, desired and fantastic victory. For me it has been 18 years of great emotions, sacrifice, hard work, goals, love and family.

Filippo Grandicelli

The passion for cycling was passed down to me from my father. I still have wonderful and very special memories, which I will never forget, of going out cycling with my father. I love my job and I love sharing the beautiful countryside around me with people from all over the world.

Danilo Cenci

As a guide our mission is safety of our guests, their satisfaction and obtain results. Reaching these three targets results in me reaching my own personal objective of personal satisfaction. I’m lucky to do something I love as my job.

Explore the locations

In partnership with Hotel Belvedere, you have the choice of 3 different tour types each day. Feel free to choose what and when you like.

Panorama Tour


40-60km, 18-20km/h

For those who ride road bikes but who still like to take it easy. Gentle rides along the coast and into the surrounding countryside, showing you the beauty of the Adriatic coastline and the hinterland.

Explorer Tour


(70-90 km, 20-22 km/h)

The perfect ride for those who like to go that bit further and at a slightly quicker pace but at the same time taking in the surrounding beauty and enjoying the pleasure of cycling. The alternative tour to take it easy after a day of fast cycling on the “Road Tour” or to pick up pace after an easy day on the “Panorama Tour”.

Road Tour


(90-110 km, 22-26 km/h)

For the serious cyclist, with good preparation, who wants to go the distance and tackle the challenging hills of Emilia Romagna, Marche and Tuscany. This tour is ideal for those who delight in a challenging ride.

Travel & Covid Information

Covid safety

The Hotel Belvedere has developed an extensive Covid safety policy that all Bici Gusti guests will be protected by. You can read their Covid frequently asked questions here [pdf].


Travel Insurance

The tour price does not include travel insurance. We strongly recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance, covering trip interruption and cancellation, baggage, medical, accident/life, evacuation, repatriation and other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience occurring to you.


Extend your stay

Is eight nights not enough? Want to extend your experience? Not to worry, just contact and we’ll be able to help you arrange it!


Deposit / Cancellation / Covid Policy

Cancellations by you: We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance, including trip cancellation/interruption insurance.

A refund of your payment minus processing fees, taxes, and $500 is available until August 31, 2023. No refunds are available after this cut off.

Cancellations by us: Although we are excited to host you at the Hotel Belvedere, we reserve the right to cancel the trip prior to departure due to any reason. We will give at least 30 days of notice prior to departure if the trip is cancelled. In the rare event of this scenario, we will fully refund the entry fee into Bici Gusti Gourmet Ride Italy. If you choose, we will alternatively coordinate your stay for you at the Hotel Belvedere minus the Bici Gusti Ride elements, nonetheless an immersive experience into Italian cycling.


Your eight night cycling experience starts now. Your registration fees include shared accommodation, meals, and support once you check-in to the Hotel Belvedere. The 2018 & 2019, and 2022 events were sell-outs.


Package Options

Package Price CAD/person
8-night Shared Accommodation – Medium Glamour room (limited availability) $2999
8-night Shared Accommodation – Top Glamour Room (larger room with view) $3399
8-night Shared Accommodation – Glamour Suite (most luxurious, spacious) $3999
8-night Solo Accommodation – Glamour Room (may be in Second House) $3849

*All prices are subject to taxes and processing fees

Registration closes September 1st, 2023

*Single rooms may be at the “second house”. The second house is the Belvedere’s second hotel beside the main. There are a few single rooms and the second house facilitates rooms for single travellers

Shared Accommodation for Two
With the shared accommodation for two, you will each receive the full package for the week long adventure at the Belvedere Hotel.  All your food is included while at the Belvedere Hotel along with wine at dinner and you’ll benefit from two amazing and exclusive parties, Thanksgiving and season end gala.

Solo Accommodation for One

Can’t wait to get back and have your alone time? Purchase the solo accommodation option to receive a room all to yourself and be a part of the Bici Gusti Gourmet Ride family! You’ll receive a 50% off on De Rosa bike rental, plus all your food is included while at the Belvedere Hotel along with wine at dinner.